Annotations in Java

September 22, 2019 Vikash 0

Annotations has introduced in jdk 1.5 version. Before that XML was extensively used as metadata, it was quite difficult while having any complex configurations and configurations got difficult while maintenance for XML configuration. For the development point of view, it required something in the place of xml configuration that can […]

Method Reference in Java 8 -

Method References in Java 8 – Types

October 16, 2018 Vikash 0

In Java 8 method references has introduced, which will refer to methods or constructors without invoking them. These syntactic shortcuts create lambdas from existing methods or constructors. Basically, lambda expressions in Java are methods implemented without an enclosing class body and constructors created by lambdas are often referred to as constructor […]

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Method Reference in Java 8

June 13, 2018 Vikash 1

In the place of an Anonymous class we can use Lambda expression but Sometimes, the lambda expression does nothing but call an existing method. In those cases, it’s often clearer to refer to the existing method by its name. [code lang=”java”] List digits = Arrays.asList(1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8); List numbers = map(new Integer(n), […]

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Why Java 8 ?

May 15, 2018 Vikash 13

With this new release, Java 8 is introducing a completely new JVM with full packed of some really exciting features at both the JVM and programming language level. There are literally dozens of new features that make java even better than previous versions and improvement about performance and optimized coding […]

Working with Tomcat7 Maven Plugin

April 28, 2018 Chandra Mani Gupta 0

In this article we are going to create a simple web application with the help of maven-archetype-webapp and will learn how to “Working with Tomcat7 Maven Plugin”. I hope you have read my previous article on how to integrate maven plugin with eclipse IDE and also how to create a […]

code-adda Maven Repository and its different types

Maven Repository and its different types(Part-2)

April 1, 2018 Chandra Mani Gupta 3

Previous article, getting-started-with-maven (part-1), mainly focused on the introductory part of maven. In this article, we will get to know Maven Repository and its different types and how they work. Let’s get started. During project development, we need various artifacts say dependencies, libraries, plugins etc. To manage such dependencies across various […]

Getting Started With Maven code-adda

Getting Started With Maven – Part 1

March 31, 2018 Chandra Mani Gupta 8

Getting Started With Maven Any project development comprises of various build processes that are often repetitive and involves lot of manual activities. Such activities involves downloading dependencies, source code compilation, packaging, testing, deployment and generating documentation etc. This may be ok for small projects but becomes tedious for large projects […]

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Myths about FileName Should be Same as Class Name in Java

May 11, 2011 Ravi Ranjan Kumar 25

This is a very important session for us to know about the myth of File name in Java. When I started to learn Java I got that every book, resources and even most of the web blogs stated that we should keep the “name of Java file as the name of […]