Building a Spring boot Initializr Project

August 20, 2019 Vikash 0

As We know that the spring boot is the advance feature over the normal spring framework using with maven or gradle. Previously with spring framework there was a lot of configurations were required to perform dependency injections or, mvc (model view controller). All setup was done through by adding spring […]

Implementation of HATEOAS driven apis in Springboot

July 17, 2019 Vikash 2

  In Spring boot, HATEOAS stands for “Hypermedia as the engine of application state”. Basically, it concerns with the term Hypermedia. That will be able to provide the ease access of Rest web services with the help of hypermedia driven link. Which will produce fetching or, creating CRUD operation over […]

Custom Banners In Spring Boot

January 27, 2019 Chandra Mani Gupta 0

Introduction As soon as you run your spring boot application, it comes up with a default banner. Have you ever thought that you can easily change that banner with very little configuration ? Well, then this article is for you. Here we will see how to customize the spring boot […]

Spring Boot Restful API Documentation With Swagger 2

January 20, 2019 Chandra Mani Gupta 1

Introduction APIs that you design are meant to be consumed by your probable clients or consumers. So, it becomes more important that they understand it quickly and put it into implementation. It is therefore essential to document your api. API documentation is a technical artifact where you learn about endpoints, […]

Code-Adda: Building Restful webservice With Jersey And Spring Boot

Building Restful Webservices With Jersey And Spring Boot

January 14, 2019 Chandra Mani Gupta 0

In this article we are going to see how to develop restful web service using JAX-RS specification along with Spring Boot.  This will be a step-by-step tutorial using Jersey implementation combined with the power of Spring Boot + DevTools + JPA + Lombok + H2 in-memory database to demonstrate CRUD […]

Scheduling Task In Spring Boot

January 7, 2019 Chandra Mani Gupta 6

In this article we will build a simple spring boot application where we will schedule a task that gets triggered automatically at a certain interval. Scheduling is an important concept when we want to accomplish a certain task at a certain time of day, or periodically at a certain interval […]

Integrating Spring Boot with H2 In Memory Database

December 25, 2018 Chandra Mani Gupta 8

Hey Folks, I hope you are doing great. In this article, you will learn how to integrate H2 In-Memory database with your spring boot application. We will create rest service offering all CRUD operations in spring boot where some records will be initialized in H2 database table with the help […]

Enable HTTPS with Self-Signed-Certificate in Spring Boot

June 7, 2018 Chandra Mani Gupta 8

Hello Spring Boot enthusiasts, I am back again with another article. I hope you enjoyed my last article on different spring boot deployment strategies.  In today’s article, I will demonstrate how to enable SSL/HTTPS in embedded servlet container with a self-signed certificate and access spring boot application over HTTPS scheme. […]

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How to deploy spring boot war in jboss

June 3, 2018 Chandra Mani Gupta 14

In this article, we will see what are different strategies to deploy spring boot applications. Spring Boot lets you focus mainly on application development without worrying about some common configurations you used to do in spring. You don’t even need to bother about deployment part while in development stage, thanks […]