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We, the programmers are thought as creatures writing and thinking about code all the time. Maybe, it’s the case for some, but not all. There exists a group of people in programming who live their life full of happiness and enjoyment while still managing to be productive. How they manage to do so with high workload and pressure ? Maybe I don’t know all of their secrets but I have some ideas around that which I’ll share you in this post.

Bugs are bugs

Some of our sleepless nights are due to bugs. Most of the time, this is because we treat them as problem. Bugs are bugs. Analyze their behavior, have fun with them and hunt them down. You will find two kind of people debugging code.

First one –

I wonder what this function `prepareData` does to the object. They/I should have documented it more clearly.

Second one –

So, Mr `prepareData`, I wonder what nasty things are you doing with my object that it gets an extra unwanted field. Let me look inside you.

You already know who will get bored easily. The point is, you can have fun with boring things and can get bored with interesting people. This all depends on you and the way you proceed.

Most of the time, these bugs are caused by our lack of understanding or things which seems obvious to us. The way to get more connected to the language, framework or platform is to have more fun with it by experimenting and digging deeper. You certainly don’t need to be brilliant for that. All you need is a little curiosity. Once you are done, You will save a lot of time spending on banging your head against wall for silly mistakes.

Learn things the hard way

There are some brilliant guys around us who grab things easily. Some of them are those who spent a lot of time experimenting and training themselves. You can learn from them and they might tell you what trouble did they face and how can you avoid that. Meet people to exchange knowledge.

There exists another kind, the naturally gifted one which does a little effort to do a lot. Beware of them. You’ll follow them and fail, because you don’t have the same ability and they are not worth following. Identify the difference between brilliant and gifted. Follow the first one.

There are jerks around

Some of us don’t listen to any suggestions made to us. These “My way or the highway kind of guys” are serious torture and a bad fit for collaboration. If someone refuses their faults, avoids listening opinions of others or tries imposing strange rules, you’ve just spotted a jerk. Enjoy seeing them fail, because they will. Another quality of these guys is that they follow the hype and they simply don’t have any valid reason to do so. Helping these guys is only a good idea when they are trying to learn from their mistakes. Listen is always a good idea even if you are not going to follow that, So avoid being a jerk and listen.

Code for humans

Your code should live longer. Having some documentation for others and your future self is always a good idea. Keep your modular and well-structured. Look for methodologies to help you out. Evaluate your requirements before following the hype and going blind when choosing a tool or technology. Don’t spend to much time on aesthetics. Find a balance. Read code written by others to find out good stuff and figure out what to avoid.


Our first priority should be physical fitness. Try it. Add some exercises in you day routine and see how everything changes. The feeling of laziness will go away and you feel more energetic than ever. Have good and enough sleep. Eat healthy and have fun with whatever you are working on.

Happy Coding.

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