How to install maven in eclipse

How to install maven in eclipse?

Eclipse IDE is famous to create all types of java project. Since eclipse is modular in nature, you will find number of plugins in its marketplace that can be installed and uninstalled as you desire. Today we are going to install maven plugin in eclipse. “M2E Settings 2.0.4” is the plugin that we are going to install. This will take hardly 5 minutes to 10 minutes if you have good internet connection. “M2E Settings 2.0.4” plugin can be installed from eclipse marketplace. Let’s learn “How to install maven in eclipse”

Note: If you are facing problem to install any plugin through eclipse marketplace in your office, there is high chance that your office firewall is not allowing you to do so. For this you need to provide proxy details. Open Eclipse-> Windows Tab-> Preferences->Preferences dialog box will appear -> On left side, expand General->Click on Network Connections ->Edit the Proxy Entry for both HTTP and HTTPS Schema like Host, Port, User and Password.

Now in order to install “M2E Settings 2.0.4” plugin,  click on

Help menu -> Eclipse Marketplace -> search for maven plugin ->Check for M2E Settings 2.0.4 plugin -> Click on install button.

code-adda How to install maven in eclipse

When clicked on install, you will be asked to accept the license. You have to accept the license to proceed further.

Select I accept the terms of the license agreement and click on Finish button.

Security Warning dialog may appear, just click ok. All the required dependencies will be started to download.

M2E Settings 2.0.4 plugin will be installed. You will be asked to restart Eclipse for the changes to take effect. So click on Yes. Congratulations, you successfully installed maven in eclipse.

How to verify if maven have been installed in Eclipse?

In case if you want to verify that M2E Settings 2.0.4 plugin has been successfully installed in your eclipse, open Windows Tab-> Preferences -> You will see Maven, just expand it.

If you follow all the steps, you will successfully install maven in eclipse. In the upcoming article we will see how to create maven projects in eclipse. I hope you enjoyed this article. In case of any query, kindly ask in the comment section. Happy Coding.

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