Getting Started With Angular

Introduction :
Angular 2 was way back launched in September 2016, a Typescript-based open-source front-end web application platform, completely re-written from Angular JS. Currently, when I’m writing this article, Angular 5 is the latest version. Most of the developers are struggling to get started with Angular. What tools are required? How to use in their favorite editor? How to develop a simple application?
In this article let me help you to overcome these questions and help you to get started with.

List of tools that are required to start with Angular. :

  1. Node.js and npm
  2. Typescript
  3. Angular CLI
  4. Code Editor

Node.js and npm :
The first thing that requires on your machine is Node.js. The version must be Node 6.9.0 or higher. npm or Node Package Manager is a part of Node.js, which is used to install packages using npm command. npm version should be 3.0.0 or higher.

You can check the version of the tools from the terminal window/command prompt. To check Node.js version type in the terminal


And for npm version use


Typescript :
Angular has built its framework using typescript. So using typescript to built Angular application is a good choice. Don’t worry, you don’t need to first learn typescript, if you already have a knowledge of OOPS then you will easily drive into it. To install typescript lets use npm command.


Angular CLI :
Angular CLI is a utility provided by the Angular team to create and manage the project using command line using angular best practices which if done manually can be made mistakes. Generating a component, services, pipes, routes etc. can be done with a single line of CLI commands. Angular CLI helps the developer to save time from writing basic lines and including necessary things in related files whenever a new component or services are created. (We will discuss the feature of Angular CLI in my upcoming article, so keep the tune in).

To install Angular CLI run the following npm command.

Angular CLI

And to check the version use

CLI Version

Code Editor :
To develop an application, we need an editor. I prefer Visual Studio Code, you can use your favorite editor as well. Click here and install Visual Studio Code.

Note: If you are a dot net developer, Visual Studio can also be used to develop an application but you have to spend much time configuring angular to start with.

So, now you have all the necessary things on your machine to build an Angular Application. In my next article, we will create a simple application so that you can have a basic knowledge first and later on we will describe you every section.

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