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First, for anyone who might not yet aware about edX. I am going to give some brief introduction about “edX”, edX is an organisation or the online learning initiative founded by Harvard University and the MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), that offers online learning of university level courses to on-campus students and to thousand of enthusiastic crazy learner around the world. well right now edX is partnered with some best world famous university including “University of California, Berkeley”. So if you are a crazy learner its obvious for you to be get excited to know about edX. if so, Common be hurry and just navigate Google. you will get plenty of articles to know about edX.

As being a computer science student I spent years in learning programming languages specially loving Microsoft Technologies [no doubt I am an MSP(Microsoft Student Partner) ] & not so far I am still always looking for opportunities to learn technical stuff. I knew about Coursera and Udacity, but was not interested in their courses. Luckily at the end of last year I came to know about edX and was feeling very zeal . The name like Harvard and MIT always fascinated me and edX is an organisation founded by these two university so its obvious for me to get enroll.

In excitement, I’ve enrolled in four courses first one is CS169.1x Software as a Service second was CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence third one was 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming and last fourth one is cs50 but just after continuing some classes I felt its very tough to carry on all courses together so I decided to leave a course and that was CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence. Initially I just kept my focus on two courses SAAS from Berkelyx and 6.00x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming from MITx. CS50 is still pending in queue.

being an online learner I had challenge to complete Quizzes, PSET(Problem Set), Midterm and final exams within due dates. so I must say its not as easy to complete online courses as many others think. It might also be a reason that edX is initiative of Harvard and MIT so they are just maintaing their standard 🙂 well as I mentioned in my previous blog that while taking SAAS courses I learned deeply about Agile technique, got sound knowledge of ruby and rails, came to know about Heroku and github and how to use these application. Personally I enjoyed Heroku because first time I was learning some cloud platform.

Most of the classes taught by David Patterson. I enjoyed a lot and also Inspired by his style of teaching. during course period I missed one important Pset just because of some personal issues but thank god that these gaps didn’t made me lay down. I successfully completed SAAS course with 60 percent.
First Schedule for CS169.1x as a PDF

Have a look at my progress in SAAS from University of California, Berkeley.

After successful completion of course, I was able to download my certificate from Dashboard. If you are curious to know how does it look ? Please click Got my edX Certificate in Software As A Service. to take a glimpse. 🙂 You might have noticed there is a link at the bottom of certificate that can be used to verify authentication of this certificate. I am just loving this feature.

Apart I mentioned I was also studying 6.00x from MIT and CS50x from Harvard. 6.00x is almost on end so keep in touch for another detail review. meanwhile I came to know about many people from different group(Facebook) who are just crazy about certificate. however its natural as being human but I must say please don’t join any MOOC like edX just for certificate. if you are enthusiast learner & want to grab some quality learning then this place is for you. In short edX serving their quality recipe with concept of “anyone, anywhere and anytime”.

At the end of this Post! I want to say It was great experience for me to learn from world best professors & its not last I’ll keep learning. If you are also passionate about technology and believe in learning then you can explore yourself with best universities of the World.
Now edx is more pwerfull with Berkeleyx + University of TEXAS + Wellesley University. UT is planning to award credits to edX courses as well. That is simply awesome news.

Happy Learning… 🙂

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  1. Cannot second that at all. I enrolled in a Computer Graphics course with them, including certificate.
    The homework materials simply do not work, such that their automated grading system does not recognize partial solutions at all, and the application skeleton provided is severely buggy. Even in the forums there was no help.
    All in all I lost $99 USD and a lot of frustration for nothing.
    Never again.

  2. Hey Ravi, if I take an archived course, I wont be getting any certificate.Then what’s the proof that I have taken the course?

    • I found this interview of Anant Agarwal, edX President talking about the edX model and its effect on education.

      Here is an excerpt from his interview which directly relates to your question.

      Q – Certificates will be offered to students who excel, but will these be recognised when they go to look for a job?
      A – We are talking to employers, and in polls that we have done, the indication we have received is that employers will be willing to grant interviews to students that have displayed very strong credentials in these online learning courses.

  3. Inspiring article Ravi ! I am currently taking the Saas class on edx and your post gave me courage to continue with it even though I find it difficult. You can check my story if you want on

  4. hey ravi i read your story and the screen which is beeb in your photo ,does not open in my profile , i only see my name written in one corner like yours and on other side name and password changing options. please tellme how to acess course contents. where is its option.

    • Chill friend.. don’t be so anxious. Just keep patient and then wait for actual mentioned startup date. you will be itself informed by edx team when courses start. U will be able to access courseware, videos, lectures, group, discussion forum and many more facilities. U will have to complete quizes, assignments and psets. In order to get certificate u have to score min marks which can be 50 or 55 decided by univ. On successful completion you can download your certificate from your dashboard.

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