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secure ASP.NET Web API using token based authentication

How to secure ASP.NET Web API using Token Based Authentication

Introduction : Whenever we work on enterprise level application either application based on web or windows platform the first biggest concern comes in our mind is its security. When the requirement is to expose our business services to the client then securing those services is

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How to allow only number input in your code using C#

Being coder, we often have different challenges to write code to accomplish a task based on some exact requirement. Here we are going to learn how to allow the user only to write number not other characters like “a/A to z/Z” and other special characters

Cryptography : A Basic Introduction of Hashing and HashAlgo class for beginners – Part 2

Introduction of Hashing In the previous part of this blog Introduction of Hashing we have learned about the basic concept of Hashing with its practical example, we’ve also read about the confusing question for a beginner which Is both hashing and Encryption are Same? then

Cryptography : A Basic Introduction of Hashing and HashAlgo class for beginners – Part 1

Introduction of Hashing Hash is a kind of process, signature, function which is responsible for translating information into a cryptic value. The concept of hash and encryption is almost same. In practical view Hash is an algorithm that takes an arbitrary block of data and

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A Basic Introduction of System Types for Beginners – Part 1

Introduction System types plays an important role in building .NET framework application either Application is Windows or Web or Integer data returned by a web services method. All are using .Net framework system type. It’s impossible to create any .Net Framework application without using System