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What are the less known/used features of VLC media player?

Answer by Ravi Ranjan Kumar on Quora Its nice to see so many unknown features of VLC listed here. most of them are common nowadays. by the way there is one more cool feature of VLC which is Playing Videos in ASCII Art. It is

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EdX: What are the differences between CS50x (Harvard) or 6.00x (MIT)?

Answer by Ravi Ranjan Kumar on Quora: Well.. both courses are designed for novice or beginner so there is no difference in manner of programming experience and knowledge. The only difference is about languages and course structure. In 6.00x(MIT) you will learn about programming concept

My Personal Experience with edX

First, for anyone who might not yet aware about edX. I am going to give some brief introduction about “edX”, edX is an organisation or the online learning initiative founded by Harvard University and the MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), that offers online learning of university

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