Deploy Angular App On Tomcat Server

deploy angular app on tomcat server

There is a lot of craze for learning angular among developers these days. We have seen number of articles related to angular on this blog as well developed with the help of angular cli. If you have developed at least one angular application you might have used ng server -o command which invokes the default node js server and angular application gets deployed automatically. We may not want to deploy our angular application on regular node js server always but want to try our hand on other servers as well like tomcat server. In this article, I will guide you Read More …

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Deploy angular application on IIS Server

Deploy Angular Application to IIS Server

Hello everyone, in this article we are going to learn how to build and deploy Angular application on IIS Server with the help of angular CLI. In our last article we have developed an Angular application with third-party tools i.e bootstrap and font-awesome and also have one image. If you have not gone through this article Creating Angular Application using bootstrap, recommend you to first cover up that article as we are going to use same application that has been created and explained in the previous article. You can also download the source code from Github.

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Creating Angular Application using bootstrap

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Hey readers, in this article we will get little deeper into angular by creating a simple web application where a user is posting status and having likes and dislikes on the post. For building this application we are going to create an angular application using bootstrap.

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Angular Project Structure

Hello everyone, in my previous article we created a simple angular application HelloAngular using Angular CLI, in this article, we will discuss Angular Project Structure. Once the application was set up for us by Angular CLI, we have seen there are many files generated (please see the attached screenshot below). Let’s discuss some of the necessary files and its purpose in this article so that it will be helpful for all if we want some behavioral changes in our application.

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How to create Angular Application using Angular CLI

Hey readers! In this article, we will learn how to create Angular Application using Angular CLI. Before going through this article we recommend you to first go through this article Getting Started With Angular So, let’s get started. Under C: Drive create a folder WorkSpace and a subfolder Projects. This is just to manage our work area. It’s better to create our working area first. If you already have a working space then use it. Now open a command prompt in your machine and change the directory to your workspace/projects. Now let’s create an Angular Application naming HelloAngular using Angular Read More …

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