Maven Repository and its different types(Part-2)

code-adda Maven Repository and its different types

Previous article, getting-started-with-maven (part-1), mainly focused on the introductory part of maven. In this article, we will get to know Maven Repository and its different types and how they work. Let’s get started. During project development, we need various artifacts say dependencies, libraries, plugins etc. To manage such dependencies across various terminal in an organization is a tedious task and requires lot of effort and time. Such dependencies should be managed at one place to avoid any future problem in project development. Maven repository is an answer to all the problems related to dependency management. Remember, in maven all the configurations Read More …

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Getting Started With Maven – Part 1

Getting Started With Maven code-adda

Getting Started With Maven Any project development comprises of various build processes that are often repetitive and involves lot of manual activities. Such activities involves downloading dependencies, source code compilation, packaging, testing, deployment and generating documentation etc. This may be ok for small projects but becomes tedious for large projects to keep track of each build processes. This is where build automation or build tools comes handy. Popular build tools for java are Ant, Maven, Gradle etc. Today I am going to talk about Maven, one of the most widely used build tool or project management tool in java ecosystem. We Read More …

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