How To Enable SSL or HTTPS In Apache Tomcat 8

In this article we are going to see how to enable SSL in Apache Tomcat Server 8 and automatic redirect http to https. All we need is a Self-Signed-Certificate and do some configurations. There are many tools/utilities available to generate the certificate. We will be using KEYTOOL which comes along with JDK installation. Let us know few terminologies first. Self-Signed Certificate: A certificate that is signed by itself rather than a trusted authority. Generally used for testing purpose only. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer): A standard way of establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Ensures that Read More …

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Enable HTTPS with Self-Signed-Certificate in Spring Boot 2.0.2

Self-Signed-Certificate code-adda

Hello Spring Boot enthusiasts, I am back again with another article. I hope you enjoyed my last article on different spring boot deployment strategies.  In today’s article, I will demonstrate how to enable SSL/HTTPS in embedded servlet container with a self-signed certificate and access spring boot application over HTTPS scheme. We will also see how to redirect any HTTP request to HTTPS. We will create self-signed certificate with the help of keytool which comes along with the JDK installation. Before getting into actual development, let us first understand basic terminologies which will help us further understanding this article. Self-Signed Certificate: A self Read More …

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How to deploy spring boot war in jboss

In this article, we will see what are different strategies to deploy spring boot applications. Spring Boot lets you focus mainly on application development without worrying about some common configurations you used to do in spring. You don’t even need to bother about deployment part while in development stage, thanks to its Embedded servlet container that comes along with spring-boot-starter-web dependency. Isn’t this interesting? We will start by developing a simple spring boot web application and then see how to deploy spring boot war in JBOSS server and some other application servers. What you will learn?? Creating a simple Spring Read More …

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Deploy Angular App On Tomcat Server

deploy angular app on tomcat server

There is a lot of craze for learning angular among developers these days. We have seen number of articles related to angular on this blog as well developed with the help of angular cli. If you have developed at least one angular application you might have used ng server -o command which invokes the default node js server and angular application gets deployed automatically. We may not want to deploy our angular application on regular node js server always but want to try our hand on other servers as well like tomcat server. In this article, I will guide you Read More …

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Working with Tomcat7 Maven Plugin

In this article we are going to create a simple web application with the help of maven-archetype-webapp and will learn how to “Working with Tomcat7 Maven Plugin”. I hope you have read my previous article on how to integrate maven plugin with eclipse IDE and also how to create a standalone project with maven. The motto behind this article is just to demonstrate a maven based web-application. After creating the web application, you can deploy the same on any web server that you might have configured in eclipse or outside eclipse. While developing web applications, we frequently need to test Read More …

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