How to Solve issues of Internet not working with Windows Phone 8 emulator.

If you are facing issues while connecting Internet with Windows Phone 8 emulator during deployment process and getting error message like “Windows Phone emulator was not able to connect to Windows Phone operating system. Phone didn’t respond to connect request” or on opening IE(Internet Explorer) of Windows Phone emulator, getting message “We can’t connect to search right now. Make sure airplane mode is turned off, or check your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection” even you system is connected with Internet connection. However when you deploy same Windows Phone application of Windows Phone device(developer unlocked), it works fine without any issues. I can understand this one is weird to consider that same application is behaving differently with same wi-fi connection. I experienced same feeling after upgrading from Visual Studio 2012 to Visual Studio 2013 IDE with Windows 8 OS to Windows 8.1 OS though it was working fine on Windows 8 With Visual Studio 2012. I have tried many tips & tricks available on many websites, blogs and even on MSDN website-[Troubleshooting the Windows Phone 8 Emulator] but I was unable to solve the issues. Finally after using some more steps I am able to connect Internet with Windows phone 8 emulator using WI-FI.

Possible Solution to solve Internet Issues with Windows Phone 8 emulator : 

Follow given steps –

Step 1- Move to “Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools”, Here remove each and every Virtual Machines listen under.
Step 2 – Remove Hyper-V and then Restart the System.
Step 3 – After restarting, Install Hyper-V once again.
Step 4 – Open Visual Studio and Run any Windows Phone 8 app to start the emulator.
Step 5 – It will create again all needed Virtual Machines( you can notice from Hyper-V Manager tools)
Step 6 – While loading emulator, it will prompt for letting the emulator access the internet. say yes.
Step 7 – Let the emulator and your project fully load
Step 8 – Now you need to shutdown the emulator( by closing directly or use Shift + F5) and close the Visual Studio.
Step 9 – Now Open Network and Sharing Centre
Step 10 – Click change Adapter Settings (Listed on the left hand side)
Step 11 – Now you will see there – “Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network” Connections. some new adapter created by HyperV, they should be called “vEthernet(…)”
Step 12 – Here, You need to focus on the vEthernet( Virtual Switch) and vEthernet (Internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch)
Step 13 – Now right click on vEthernet( Virtual Switch) and click on the properties and navigate to the sharing tab.
Step 14 – Here, Choose Allow other Network users to connect and choose the vEthernet (Internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch) as the adapter and then save the changes and close Windows.
Step 15-  Now open the properties on vEthernet (Internal Ethernet Port Windows Phone Emulator Internal Switch)
Step 16 – Here, You need to disable Internet Protocol Version 6 and double click on Internet Protocol Version 4
Step 17 – Now, Use the following IP address: Subnet mask:
Step 18 – After entering IP address and Subnet mask. You need to click on advanced button, under the IP settings tab, and then assign an interface metric: 1
Step 19 – Now Open your Visual Studio and run the Windows Phone 8 project.
Step 20 – Open Internet by using Search button or Internet Explorer of emulator and check Internet access.(Make sure your Wi-fi is working properly)

In my case, It works fine and I’ve shared this tips among some guys and they all solved the issues of Internet with Windows Phone 8 emulator. Hope this might help you also.

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